FiveM – Crashing issues – how to fix it?

FiveM – Crashing issues – how to fix it?

July 6, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

The FiveM problem? GTA 5 expansion pack crashes at different times, e.g. when loading the game, freeze while playing? We have the solution!

Crashing issues – how to fix it?

Problems in FiveM with game crashes, stuttering, shutting down the game at random moments, e.g. during the loading screen, before you are even connected to the server, or when playing with other players in a Multiplayer session, are basically commonplace for many players – some servers that use hundreds of mods and plugins do not cope with setting them up well, or some plugins simply do not work well together.


If you have experienced problems with FiveM, first check if the problem is with the server you are playing on or the FiveM client. How to check? Join the FiveM test server – if everything is fine then contact the administrator of the problem server and ask him to fix the problem.

However, if you have problems on the test FiveM server and the game crashes with a crash message, then you need to do a number of things that will help you 99% (yes, the 1% are very hard cases or you just didn’t do something). So, let’s go:

  • Make sure you have at least 8GB of RAM (16GB is recommended for many servers, especially those with a lot of plugins)
  • Update the drivers for your graphics card
  • Update the drivers for the processor
  • Check verify integrity of game files on Steam
  • Delete FiveM cache (right-click on FiveM -> open location -> FiveM Application Data ->
  • Data – delete folders: cache, server-cache and server-cache-priv)
  • Turn off unnecessary background programs, turn off the browser – it may be silly, but FiveM takes a very large amount of RAM and is a heavy CPU load.
  • Update Windows
  • Finally – reinstall FiveM – completely remove everything related to FiveM and reinstall.

If the above did not help, let me know in the comments and we will try to find another solution.