GRID Legends – Stage 2 cars don’t unlock competitions (39 km)

GRID Legends – Stage 2 cars don’t unlock competitions (39 km)

May 25, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

The cars, despite the improvements to the 2nd stage (39 km on the meter), do not unlock the final competition – the solution is simple.

Problem with unlocking the final competition

You play GRID Legends, you race in specific competitions, and to unlock the finals you need to achieve stage 2 of a vehicle in a given category – all would be fine if it were not for the bug that prevents these competitions from unlocking despite reaching 39 KM on the odometer with one vehicle. The bug has been around for a long time, and developers are in no hurry to remove it, which means that a lot of topics from users who report this bug are created on the Electronic Arts forum.


It is not known if the problem is bad information or incorrectly coded kilometers in some competition finals, but the solution to this problem is to achieve vehicle upgrade stage 3 (you need to drive 56 KM). There is a way to grind kilometers in vehicles that makes it easier, in about a minute you can get 4 kilometers without much effort, you just need to set up a competition on an oval track in the race creator.

Follow the instructions:

  • Enter the race wizard
  • Choose your sport (racing or electric)
  • Select your vehicle class (if you are currently doing Track Day – select Track Day and then a subclass so that the game matches the correct car)
  • Select the CRESCENT VALLEY location
  • Select the Oval Circuit route
  • Select the number of laps (each lap will add 4 km – if you abandon the race, the kilometers will be added to the vehicle, you do not need to finish the race)
  • Choose only 2 drivers (it will be easier)
  • Start the race and reach 56 kilometers