Dinkum – BEST way to earn money/coins FAST

Dinkum – BEST way to earn money/coins FAST

July 23, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Are you looking for a really fast and easy way to earn money/coins in Dinkum? It’s very simple, you only need to use one tool.

BEST way to earn money/coins FAST

The best way to earn a lot of money/coins in no time is to just look for “treasures” buried in the ground – for that you need a tool called Metal Detector and follow a few simple steps:

  • Buy Metal Detector from John (costs 7,000 Dinks)
  • Buy a license from Fletch (cost 2,000 Dink)
  • Go to the red biome (middle part of the map)
  • Search for treasures with the Metal Detector (keep the left mouse button pressed to use the tool)

If you find something, the tool will make a specific noise, and on the ground you will see brighter and denser circles (I don’t know what to name it correctly – see the screenshot), then he used a shovel to dig out the buried treasure – at the end, sell everything you have collected to John.

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