Flashing Lights – version 22/07/2022 – update

Flashing Lights – version 22/07/2022 – update

July 22, 2022 2 By Games-Manuals

On July 22, 2022, Flashing Lights has been updated to v 22/ 07/2022 which adds some new features, but a lot of bugs have been fixed in this update.

version 22/07/2022 – update

The update to Flashing Lights on July 22, 2022 (version 22/07/2022) only adds a few new features to the game, but the update fixes a lot of bugs. In August the update will be for EMS and there will probably be a lot more.

An interesting option from this update is the Sandbox mode (F6 key), as well as the fact that AI vehicles have an engine sound and pedestrians have a footstep sound – the city starts to live.


– NPC vehicles now have engine sound effects
– Pedestrian footstep sounds added
– Cod Town updated with more environmental details
– Added variety in NPC traffic: dirty textures and cargo props
– Added the Sandbox Menu: Available for single player and multiplayer host only (default key: F6)

– Player characters on fire will now extinguish after a period of time
– Traffic getting stuck at random locations
– Traffic no longer spawns inside each other, making cars blast into the air
– Police mission “Officer Needs Assistance” missing AI police car fixed
– Wider traffic spawn radius introduced
– Suspect now correctly identified on map for Escaped convict call (id 1012)
– AI EMS/Tow/police transport route fixes to not spawn on top of player
– Fixed an issue with AI not fleeing as intended from some traffic stops
– Fixed an issue with traffic count not adjusting after requesting an AI tow truck
– AI drivers no longer do donuts on spawn if previously asked to get out of vehicle
– Map optimizations introduced including low poly objects for suburbs, roads and highways when viewed from a long distanced
– Jumping on a vehicle no longer breaks the player character’s footstep sound effects
– Traffic stop icon on dashboard now only displays for police vehicles
– Terrain fix at area 73-39
– Police database image for sedan car updated
– Fixes to shadow rendering for player vehicles
– Player vehicle motion wind sound removed
– Added warning in multiplayer menu about some players pretending to be members of the development and admin teams

Source: Steam