The Long Drive – Version 2023.04.17b – Patch notes, changelog, download

The Long Drive – Version 2023.04.17b – Patch notes, changelog, download

April 19, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals

On 17 April 2023 The Long Drive received update 2023.04.17b – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Where can I download free updates/latest version of the game?

Changelog 2023.04.17b

  • Added spirit water bubble level tool instrument thingy ( YES! )
  • Added new Trophy! (And they should spawn now)
  • Fixed being able to attach things to the thin air, if looking at buildings or the terrain
  • Fixed the bus locking its own wheels again! :@
  • Collider size of locked wheels now update with different wheels
  • Fixed not being able to attach trailers to the big vehicle
  • Added “Reduced Debris” option the the misc tab in the settings
    (If enabled, breakable things fall into less pieces and those disappear too)
  • Poles are now tilted, and most of the road side buildings are now connected to them.
    (This will gain importance in the future)
  • Fixed some attachables getting frozen in air on loading!
  • Changed baskets and such things attaching again, they should now attach with their closest point to the closest point on the sufrace that you are looking at, and not exactly to the point you are looking at.
    (Hope you understand! Because we don’t)
  • Fixed not being able to attach trailers (broke with the previous fix)
  • Fixed licence plate and other attachables not loading correctly when attached to the slots of the bike seats
  • Attaching baskets and a few attachable things now should be easier, because they no longer use their center, but their closest point for attaching
  • Bike’s steering with keyboard is now slower on higher speeds, this should make the controls of the bikes a lot better!
    (And they should bounce slightly less)
  • Fixed player preview not visible in player tab
  • Fixed the bus locking its own wheels ( :@ )
  • Adjusted trailer center of mass to make it a bit more stable (not the car transporter, but the small one!)
  • Pallet is now attachable and has physics lock zone! (This is very interesting and unlocks amazing new upportunities!)
  • Rail-part-chunk-something is now attachable
  • Fixed some errors from the bug reports sections (Steam and Discord)
  • Added some things to make older mods work!
  • Removed VR from the main branch
    (It is now in the betas called vrtest, it also has multiplayer)
  • Fixed bike’s seats color not saving
  • Fixed the new vehicle’s tank pouring angle
  • Fixed coffin, bed and rear seats now spawning

Source: Steam – from this platform, you can download the latest version of the game by updating the game in your library or by purchasing the game in the Steam store.