The Long Drive – Spawner menu (TLD Spawner)

The Long Drive – Spawner menu (TLD Spawner)

March 26, 2022 3 By Games-Manuals

TLD Spawner is a modification that allows you to spawn every vehicle and every item available in the game – no more searching for your dream car or item to embellish it.

TLD Spawner

For TLD Spawner to work, you need to reach 1000km of the total distance (you can check the distance traveled in the main menu of the game) – without the required distance, you will not be able to use this modification.

Most importantly

  • The total distance is counted from all saved games
  • Downloaded game saves do not affect the total game distance

Using the TLD Spawner menu, you can spawn any vehicle and any item that is available in the game (new items are added to the end of the list). To use the TLD Spawner, simply press the ESC key to launch the game menu – at this point, if you are at 1000km +, the Spawner TLD menu will appear in the center of the screen. There is a TLD Spawner that doesn’t require 1000km – check it out here

It is important to turn off the pause (game menu) after each spawn in order to drop the spawned item/car – you will avoid getting blocked and large lags.

With this modification, you can also spawn fuel, water or oil for your car without having to drive around the map and look for the right fluid.

In the Item List, items are not always named as you might guess, so as not to weld the board inside the car, I recommend using it away from vehicles, buildings and other items – locked items are hard to unlock or free from walls/vehicles.

How to install and where to download mods

Downloading and installing the modification is described in this article about Mod Loader, Mod Workshop and the place where you can download the modification