The Long Drive – How to install mods

The Long Drive – How to install mods

March 26, 2022 3 By Games-Manuals

How to install modifications for The Long Drive, where to download Mod Loader / Mod Workshop and how to install it – the answer can be found in this guide.

The Long Drive Mod Workshop / Mod Loader

First, you need Mod Workshop to install Mod Loader and mods without having to go to external sites. To download Mod Workshop:

  • Join the Discord The Long Drive server (link to Discord can be found in the main menu of the game)
  • Look for the channel named mod-loader or something similar
  • In the pinned messages, you will find the TLD Workshop downloadable file

The first time you run The Long Drive Mod Workshop, you will be asked to install Mod Loader – if you agree, Mod Loader will be installed automatically and you will be ready to install mods that will work in the game.

After agreeing to install Mod Loader (or not), The Long Drive Mod Workshop is ready to use – now you can download and install mods.

Download and installation of modifications

After installing The Long Drive Mod Loader, you can download the mods that will automatically install for you to use in-game. To download the mods, follow these steps:
Go to the Go To Mods tab
Choose the mod you are interested in
You will see a modification tab with a description that is worth reading
If you want to download the modification, click the Download button

If you want to uninstall any mod, go to the Go To Mods tab, then My Mods and click the Delete button