The Finals – Version 0.5 – Update, changelog, download

The Finals – Version 0.5 – Update, changelog, download

March 20, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals

On 20 March 2023 The Finals received update 0.5 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Where can I download updates/latest version of the game?

Changelog 0.5

Fixes and Updates


  • Fixed an issue where penalties for leaving tournaments early weren’t applied
Balance Changes


Guardian Turret

  • Fixed an issue where turrets would have no cooldown



  • Reduced LH1 magazine size to 15 from 20
  • Increased bullet dispersion when firing from the hip when crouching
  • Increased recoil slightly
  • Decreased recoil recovery speed slightly

Source: Steam – from this platform, you can download the latest version of the game by updating the game in your library or by purchasing the game in the Steam store.