Mortal Sin – Version 3/19 – Update, changelog, download

Mortal Sin – Version 3/19 – Update, changelog, download

March 20, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals

On 20 March 2023 Mortal Sin received update 3/19 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Where can I download updates/latest version of the game?

Changelog 3/19

-Added new weapon – Twinspears! Double spear ultra-rare weapon that can be used by Struggler, Duelist, Hunter, Martyr and Gambler
-Added jump kick ability to platforming style secret rooms to make it more forgiving and smooth
-Added new sound for low durability that sound like metallic creaking. Panned right to match UI layout
-Added low health warning sound (using whisper sound that was meant for durability). Panned left respectively to match UI layout
-Added arrows to the floor guide lines to more clearly show the flow direction
-Added mousewheel weapons swap that works by default
-Added option to disable head bob
-Added option to center parry indicator so it’s closer to the middle of the screen
-Added safe load option in attempt to fix long black screen loads for people who are having RAM issues. Do not use this if the loads are instant as intended.
-There is now a tutorial next to the forest gate explaining how to unlock it exactly
-Item rarity is now factored into sell essence amount (rare = 2x, ultra-rare = 3x)
-Fixed nasty bug where shielded enemies could be completely invincible forever
-Fixed bug with corrupt steam save file that should now recover appropriately preventing black screen on opening the game
-Brought the forest wall hand forward a bit so it can be seen for fair warning before it comes out
-Chilling Horror challenge now grants +2 item level instead of +1
-Made critical strike sound louder and more noticeable
-The game is now suspended when alt tabbed so it doesn’t consume as much system resources
-Minor bug fixes

Source: Steam – from this platform, you can download the latest version of the game by updating the game in your library or by purchasing the game in the Steam store.