CS:GO – How to get the Green Trust Factor

CS:GO – How to get the Green Trust Factor

August 19, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

How to get the “Green Trust Factor” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and what is it? Why do you need a green marker in CS: GO?

What is the Green Trust Factor?

Green Trust Factor in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is nothing more than information for Valve about which game you want to assign you – specifically, with which opponents and allies you will play the future match.

The green trust factor will allow you to play with players who also have a green “certificate”; players who do not cheat are friendly and will not kick you out of the game for no reason.

Why do you need a green trust factor? Therefore, to avoid playing with toxic people, avoid cheaters and enjoy a quiet game.

How to get the Green Trust Factor?

To get the Green Trust Factor you need to:

  • Have Steam Guard active on your Steam account
  • Your profile must be public
  • Be an active member of the Steam community (Steam evaluates the quality of your posts)
  • Play games without cheating (games that have the VAC system)
  • Don’t kick anyone for no apparent reason in the game
  • Don’t bother your game mates, don’t hurt them, don’t be toxic
  • Do Overwatch
  • Add more friends to your account
  • Be nice