Train Sim World 3 – Version 1.41 – Patch notes, changelog, download

Train Sim World 3 – Version 1.41 – Patch notes, changelog, download

May 5, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals

On 5 May 2023 Train Sim World 3 received update 1.41 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Where can I download free updates/latest version of the game?

Changelog 1.41


  • [PS4][PS5] Restored instances of reported missing services in timetable mode for the following routes, when layered with other DLC:
  • Main Spessart Bahn​
  • West Somerset Railway​
  • Tees Valley Line ​

Spirit of SteamLiverpool-Crewe:

  • Updates to Steam physics.
  • Fixed various ‘phantom SPAD’s, caused by AI locomotives not interacting with the turntable as intended
  • Fixed a derailment on the ‘Time for Scouse’ scenario.
  • Fixed various derailments on services shunting around Edge Hill
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Tables Have Turned’ scenario where the “Climb aboard” objective waypoint wasn’t completable.
  • Adjusted AP point scores to allow for a gold medal to be earned on ‘Bovine Blockage’
  • Updated Spirit of Steam thumbnail image.
  • Updated Steam particle textures to feel less flat.
  • Rain should no longer fall through the ceiling at Liverpool Lime Street station.
  • Adjusted BR Paraffin tail lamp brightness.

[LMS Jubilee]

  • Headlamps will now work when starting a service.
  • Safety volume sound should be slightly quieter.

[LMS Stanier 8F]

  • Fixed a derailment when coupling wagons.
  • Safety volume sound should be slightly quieter.
  • 8F with wagons will correctly load on Scenario Designer.

[20T Brake Van]

  • [20T Brake Van] Hand brake now able to stretch the train if applied.

[12T Brake Van / Conflat Wagon / MLS5 Wagon / Mineral Wagon]

  • Slightly increased brake force.
  • Fixed vacuum brake cylinder animation so it now animates correctly.

West Cornwall Local Steam Railtour:

  • Updates to Steam physics (see above)
  • Updated wheel linkage to remove rust.

Loco Add-on Bundle 2:

Southeastern High Speed

  • 1 new journey with 4 chapters added to SEHS (using Loco Add-on Bundle 2 content)
  • For Class 37 ROG ‘Out With the Old’ scenario, removed red light at Chatham that only clears when you ‘Go Via’.
  • Added missing Voiceover to Class 37 ROG tutorial
  • Sparks will now come from middle of the carriage when operating the Loco Add-on Bundle Class 375 on 3rd rail
  • Livery editor: Resolved issues with decal placement on back left side of 37-5 loco

Cajon Pass

  • 1 new journey with 4 chapters added to CJP (using Loco Add-on Bundle 2 content)
  • For BNSF SD70ACe ‘Twilight Train’ scenario, player should now not be stuck at a red light waiting for AI traffic to pass
  • Rain and snow should now appear on BNSF SD70ACe’s windows
  • Corrected rewards when operating Headlights/Backlights/Coupler Lock/Bell on BNSF SD70ACE
  • Resolved issue whereby rain and snow precipitation effects wouldn’t appear on SD70ACE windows
  • Added new trailer designs to be more protoypical of American trailers


  • Added new Scenario, ‘Eco Pride’
  • 1 new journey with 3 chapters for KWG (using Loco Add-on Bundle 2 content)
  • In ‘Going Green’ Scenario, train rewards should now appear when interacting with ICE1 loco controls
  • Corrected rewards when operating Left and Right cab doors on ICE

Made various Localisation improvements to the Add-on Bundle.

Source: Steam – from this platform you can download the latest version of the game.