Shadows of Doubt – Version 33.17 – Patch notes, changelog, download

Shadows of Doubt – Version 33.17 – Patch notes, changelog, download

May 4, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals

On 4 May 2023 Shadows of Doubt received update 33.17 – what’s new in the game? What was fixed? Where can I download free updates/latest version of the game?

Changelog 33.17

  • Improved batching and shadow casting resulting in some performance gains

  • Fixed: Movement axis miscalculation resulting in slow movement with high fps

  • Fixed: Error with pinning surveillance shot to your case board that could cause problems on loading in the game

  • Fixed: Changed controller detection to trigger on ‘button up’ to avoid input methods with buttons that constantly register as ‘down’

  • Fixed: If you used the ‘move all items to storage’ button when editing your apartment, it would destroy air vents, leaving them impossible to navigate

  • Fixed: An error that made the game not able to save properly in rare scenarios

  • Fixed: An error that made cancelled objectives not be able to reappear/reactivate, resulting in some problems handing-in cases

  • Fixed: An error that resulting in a faulty load of a save game (possibly also resulting in getting stuck in décor mode)

  • Fixed: Error caused when the game tried to exit the placement of furniture if the inventory was full

  • Fixed: You had to press the menu button twice to return to the game from the main menu

  • Fixed: Colliders were not properly disabled on placement of some décor items, resulting in glitchy physics interactions with the player

  • Fixed: The player could not place a storage box in décor mode properly

  • Fixed: Re-rendered font atlases to capture missing characters

  • Fixed: Microwave door sound

  • Tweaks made to AI: Some citizens were fleeing slightly too readily (including enforcers)

  • Improved 35mm camera sounds

  • Improved sync disk install complete sound

Source: Steam – from this platform, you can download the latest version of the game by updating the game in your library or by purchasing the game in the Steam store.