Saints Row (2022) – 97% Save Game

Saints Row (2022) – 97% Save Game

August 28, 2022 2 By Games-Manuals

Are you looking for a pre-made Saints Row (2022) save game with the majority unlocked, preferably 100% save? I think we have something suitable for you.

97% Save Game

One of the players shared a save of the game, which is 97% – almost 100% of the game. If you want to play Saints Row, this save game is for you. The author of the save game is Eu Amo Ruivas, as the author himself claims, the save of the game contains:

  • The main story is completed.
  • All weapons were purchased and upgraded to the max.
  • All clothes purchased.
  • 18 million money.
  • All establishment missions completed.
  • All side quests completed.
  • Many collectibles were found, but not all.
  • Many skills are unlocked, but not all.
  • Among other minor things, check it out for yourself…