My Winter Car – Buildable Project Car – what will the new car look like?

My Winter Car – Buildable Project Car – what will the new car look like?

July 2, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Corris Rivett – what will the buildable car look like in My Winter Car, like the Satsuma in My Summer Car? Real car vs model pictures in My Winter Car.

Buildable Project Car

The appearance of the new car in My Winter Car was presented on December 25, 2020 on a clip from Amistech Games on YouTube – that’s when we got the official piece of secrets that the My Summer Car and My Winter Car developer was hiding for several months. The aforementioned video showed a car that was already ready to drive, and the interior of the vehicle pointed to a Ford Taunus TC1, and this is what the car will be in My Winter Car, but under a changed name – its name in the game will be Corris Rivett.

What will the new car look like?

In the video presented on YouTube by Amistech Games, we could only see the interior of the Corris Rivett car, which is modeled on the Ford Taunus TC1 (as Satsuma was modeled on the Datsun 100a).


The second screen posted on the developer’s Steam profile showed the car in the distance, but it was so inconspicuous that you can’t see any details.

Comparison - real life vs game

At the moment, we can only compare the interior of the Ford Taunus TC1 with the modeled Corris Rivett in My Winter Car.

Real life