My Garage – E.F. Towing – new job

My Garage – E.F. Towing – new job

April 8, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

E.F. Towing is a mod for My Garage, which adds the ability to work as a driver who tows damaged cars using a car transporter trailer.

E.F. Towing

E.F. Towing is a modification to the game, thanks to which we have the opportunity to earn money in a completely new way – i.e. as roadside assistance. In this way, we can earn additional money, which is basically not small, and the time to complete the order is about 10 minutes. Modification of E.F. Towing is the perfect escape from the typical gameplay in My Garage.

Modification of E.F. Towing adds a telephone booth next to the gas station, from which we can accept an order for towing a damaged vehicle – unfortunately, the position of the damaged vehicle will not be marked on the map, we will have to rely on the knowledge of the map and hints from the client.

For this task, you will need a platform trailer, which is used to tow vehicles, as well as a winch that will help you place the vehicle on the trailer’s platform. The vehicle should be returned to the place from which the order was taken – when the car is properly unloaded, the player receives money for completing the order.