Spider-Man Remastered – How to install mods

Spider-Man Remastered – How to install mods

August 15, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

How to install mods in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered? You need a unique program that will allow you to install modifications.

Preparation for installing the modification

To start installing Spider-Man Remastered game mods you need to download this tool: Spider-Man PC Modding Tool

Unpack the downloaded package, run the program and select the folder “asset_archives” – you will find it in the directory with the installed game.
(File -> Select Asset Archives Folder and select the asset_archives)

If you get information about converting asset_achives – do it because the modifications will not work.

To convert, follow these steps: Tools -> Convert Asset Archives. This may take several to tens of minutes, be patient.

Installation of modifications

To install the modifications, they must be in the .SMPCMod file format (this is important), otherwise the program will not install the modifications.

If you have already downloaded the mod for Spider-Man Remastered and you have the .SMPCMod file, run PC Modding Tool, then select “Install Mod” from the top bar, select the file with the mod you downloaded, and finally click “INSTALL MOD” and you’re done!


In short, step by step:
PC Modding Tool -> Install mod -> select file -> INSTALL MOD

Where to find modifications?

There will definitely be a lot of mods on the Internet to download from various sites, but you should only download mods from trusted and popular sites like NexusMods, which already has about a hundred modifications for this game.

Remember that downloading modifications from an unknown source may cause you to download a virus to your computer, and then you may lose files that are important to you, or your computer will serve as a BitCoin miner.