King Of The Castle – Crashes, freezing, error codes, and launching problems – fix it!

King Of The Castle – Crashes, freezing, error codes, and launching problems – fix it!

June 19, 2023 0 By Games-Manuals
Having issues with crashes, freezing, error codes, or launching problems in King Of The Castle? This can be very annoying, we all want to play normally in King Of The Castle no matter the situation. If your game becomes unplayable due to crash issues or worse, problems with launching the game and you get an error code, you should follow the steps outlined below. Sometimes it can be the fault of bad optimization or game code – if the steps below don’t help, check if more players aren’t having similar problems as you (e.g. in the King Of The Castle Steam community forum).

Download update / patch

Make sure you have the latest version of King Of The Castle. If the problem is in the optimization of the game or its code – you will not do anything about it except make sure that you have the latest version of the game. If you are sure that you have the latest version of the game, check the next steps below to fix your King Of The Castle problem. You can download updates by simply launching King Of The Castle if you have it on platforms such as Steam. If you have a physical copy of the game or an installer copy of the game, check the King Of The Castle publisher/developer website for a patch.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

If you own the game on Steam, you should verify the integrity of the game files that you have on your computer against the files that are available on the Steam server. Most problems are solved by using the built-in Steam tool.
    1. Open Steam and go to Library
    2. Right-click on King Of The Castle and select Properties
    3. Go to the Local Files option then click Verify integrity of game files
    4. Wait for Steam to validate all files
    5. Launch the game to see if you can play it properly

Drivers update

An important element in your PC are the drivers for specific components that are responsible for the correct operation of your computer parts – for example, outdated graphic drivers may not be able to cope with newer technologies used by game developers and therefore your King Of The Castle freezes. Don’t worry, if you can’t update drivers manually or don’t know where to find such drivers, you can use a program that will scan your computer and download the latest drivers and install them – it’s a free tool that millions of people around the world have chosen. See our recommended program for automatic driver installation – click here

Set game to High Priority

This method causes your operating system to allocate more resources to King Of The Castle that are marked as High Priority. If the game needs more resources to run, this operation may cause resolve your problem with King Of The Castle. Follow the steps below if you can run the game. To set the game to high priority:
    1. Open King Of The Castle
    2. While in-game, open Task Manager (press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC at the same time)
    3. Go to the Details tab and find the main process of the game.
    4. Right-click on King Of The Castle and hover your mouse to Set Priority then choose High. Restart the game and see if the issues persist.

Reinstall the game

This is the final step you should take. If all of the above tips didn’t work, reinstalling King Of The Castle may solve your problems – remember to manually remove all files that may have been left over from King Of The Castle (e.g. mods, additional textures, or programs).