Hitman 3 – Homeless shelter – where is it?

Hitman 3 – Homeless shelter – where is it?

June 30, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

Where is the Homeless shelter in Hitman 3, in Yuzhong Square? How to find a homeless disguise? The location is very simple and it is not far from where we can take a disguise.

Homeless shelter

The location of the Homeless Shelter in Hitman 3 is not difficult to find, but after exploring a colorful city in China for an hour, we may feel a bit lost – everything starts to be the same, and after some time it seems to us that every place has already been visited, so which one this place was Homeless Shelter?


A homeless shelter is a place on level 1, near the place from which you can take a homeless disguise (see the map, the Homeless Shelter place is marked in a red circle) – that’s where you need to go to move the story forward.