BeamNG – Player Weapons and Guns

BeamNG – Player Weapons and Guns

August 18, 2022 0 By Games-Manuals

The Player Weapons and Guns mod for BeamNG add various types of melee weapons (from a crowbar to sword), and also adds an automatic submachine gun that can be shot.

Player Weapons and Guns

Player Weapons and Guns is a mod for BeamNG Drive that adds melee weapons, as well as an automatic machine gun that can be used to shoot and destroy vehicles – the damage with a machine gun is really big.

In addition to destroying vehicles with a machine gun, we can also choose white weapons such as a crowbar, sword, or baseball bat and also destroy the vehicle, but with a little less strength.

How to spawn a weapon

1. Get out of the vehicle
2. Open “Vehicle Config”
3. If you don’t have “Visual Meshes” – search for “gun”
4. Choose the right weapon:
– Weapon mod – 7 types of melee weapons
– Weapon mod machine gun – automatic weapons, 1 type